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Maintenance & Renovations

Property Management. Property Maintenance & Renovations. Bore Hole Drilling.


We provide professional and guaranteed materials and services for residential and commercial clients. Our plumbers are competent and accredited and can handle any plumbing problems easily and fast. We work for house owners, institutions and factories. From Basic Apartment or Office Repairs to Building-wide Upgrades to Ongoing Maintenance, our Plumbers deliver a Level of Service and Professionalism. Try us today! Contact us and schedule an estimate

Interior & Exterior Painting

We offer a variety of painting services for residential and commercial customers. When we paint your house, apartment, or commercial property we guarantee our painting meets the Painting Industry Standards. We use major company paints, undercoats, additives and sundries in a complete array of paint colors, carrying full manufacturer’s warranties, and spread rate limits. We will inspect and test all surfaces prior to application and will discuss any potential concerns.

Overall Renovations

Our experienced team is equipped to carry out top-quality refurbishment work on everything from the floor all the way up to the roof, whether your property is a domestic residence or a large-scale hotel.  Whether you want to make minor modifications or carry out a full refurbishment job, at Dahnan Properties Ltd we offer a range of renovation services to bring your property to life. Our comprehensive building refurbishment service covers every single aspect.

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